MON-FRI (10am-5pm) / SAT & SUN (9:30am-6pm)Sunnyside Mall, Bedford

About The Company

The driving force behind Ice Patch Hollow lies in the dream of local children’s author Brian Hiltz to create a book series featuring eight adorable and entertaining cartoon creatures. In his first self-published book, Joey the Penguin, Brian shared the story of a determined penguin named Joey who had a dream of playing baseball in the Antarctic despite his friends telling him that it was impossible. The lesson to be shared was to never give up on your dreams and to work towards your desired goals knowing that you will always succeed if you believe in yourself and never give up.

After his second book, Preston the Goes Green, a book about a polar bear teaching humans to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Brian decided it was time to take his project further. He created a safe, fun and entertaining indoor playground where children can enjoy Ice Patch Hollow—the home where Joey and his friend live—and learn more about the characters that are showcased in this new venue.

At Ice Patch Hollow, it is our sincere wish that children and parents alike enjoy learning about the characters as much as we enjoy bringing them to life for you.

Book covers for Joey The Penguin and Preston Goes Green